For centuries, the island Krk, Otok Krk, has been a place to gain, broaden and improve one's knowledge. Evidence of this centuries old quest for knowledge is plentiful and includes many writings carved in stone, including the Bašćanska ploča, the famous Baška tablet dating back to 1100, as well as writings on pergamena, or tanned lamb skins, that used as pages in old books.

Both the island and its people respect these elements which serve the foundation for our complex and old histories. Otocani - Krčani, Krk islanders, are intimately familiar with and respectful of the sacrifices their predecessors made to set new paths in their search for knowledge and truth.

Bura, the Croatian name for the strong winds that come from the northeast, brings salt, a symbol of wisdom, to every inch of the land, including the island's plentiful stones and olive trees. Close enough to the main land in distance but far away from it by sun and wind, the island Krk is a place that supports the development of knowledge all the while being surrounded by beautiful sights, people, customs and food.

Krk's ubiquitous energy is still felt strongly today. It arose long ago when the island's early inhabitants developed a rich library of prayers, poems, and literature in their quest for knowledge, and that energy continues to exist connecting Krk's colorful history with its vibrant present.

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